Let's find out about the types of entertainment part-timers, ezalba


What are the kinds of entertainment part-time jobs?

A part-time job at a karaoke room

Karaoke part-timers are girls who work only at certain businesses, and girls on sidewalks are girls who work at various businesses while riding in sidewalk office vehicles. Karaoke part-timers usually use a lot of sidewalk girls, and for this reason, if you order a resident by designation, a certain amount of additional expenses will be incurred. Some businesses use both designation and reporting depending on the circumstances.


The origin of the name BAR is derived from the structure of dividing the space of the owner and the area of the traveler. It is said that the table and space surrounding the liquor bottle, guest, and owner were called Barrier, which was called shortened. Cocktail bars in Korea. Whiskey bars are known, and there are high-yield bars, modern bars, talkie bars, and sitting bars.

Ten Cafe

Ten Café is a business that is one of the high places. There is no official second round, and it is a legitimate business where you can double, and there are relatively many pretty girls and there are no fat or ugly girls. 이지알바 High-businesses should be more mindful than Evan Rooms and pay attention to name management. Those who have been told by their friends that they are pretty should think about it.

with a ten percent

Tenpro is the flower of the world of painting and the highest-level industry in the room family, and boasts a high class among the high industries. There is no official second round. The water level varies widely from customer to customer. Naughty customers don't always come, but it's harder to refuse than other industries.

a shirt room

Shirt Room Alba is a name given to working in a shirt, and it is the same as a general room, and there is a unique concept of greeting. Greeting refers to changing into a shirt after taking off a single suit some time after becoming a choice, and the biggest advantage is that it can make a big profit on table time.


Public means popular in the sense of the word. It means that anyone can use and enjoy it.
Public has a concept of a cheap and healthy atmosphere with the help of a room salon. Unlike bars, it belongs to a room and is a place where many beginners who graduate from the bar and move to the room live.